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Our Programs

It's an educational program like no other. It's a four course Performing Arts system comprised of Music and Performance, Role Play, Show Hosting and News Reporting. A performance with an edgy cinema production.

Music N Performance

Our Music and Performance program provides young people the opportunity to explore their creative potential. Our course includes a collective group of musical composing and performing on a real music set, as well as individual vocal and instrumental lessons. Our program encourages self-expression and collaboration, and helps students discover their passion for music.

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Role n play

Our Role and Play program offers students the opportunity to explore their creative side and develop their acting skills. Through this program, students will learn to express themselves on stage and interact with their peers as they take part in a scripted play and perform on a live production set. The program will also give them the opportunity to work behind the scenes, providing vital support to the production team.

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Host n show

At Host N Show we offer a comprehensive youth program that includes our Event Planning for Youth course. This program is designed to equip young individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to successfully plan, market, organize, and present events. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the process, from idea conception to event execution. Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled event planner!

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News team

Our News Teams are an exciting opportunity for students to express their creativity and hone their skills in journalism. Participants will take part in our junior journalist course and join our news team to deliver up-to-date school news on a news production set. They will gain valuable skills in research, interviewing, writing, and presenting that will set them up for success in their future studies and careers.

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STEAM club

In addition to our media production programs, we offer full-time child care services with our STEAM Club which integrate the principles of STEAM education into daily activities. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration, providing a solid foundation for academic and personal growth.

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